Programs, applications and communication hardware are all necessary components for recruitment and growing your business. However, applications standards are critical to everything within the company from the phones to contacting new employees about potential jobs. While you may know what communication looks like, there are always new innovations that can increase teamwork within your company. Managed IT services and IT support are essential to helping all areas of technology in your business. You can take advantage of a unified communications platform with advanced concepts and solutions to your everyday problems through Splendid Technology.

Application standards

Platforms you use should promote teamwork with employees, help recruit new workers to benefit the company and increase collaboration. The following solutions are important examples of new application standards:

  • IP telephone equipment
  • Mobile use through endpoints
  • Digital whiteboarding
  • Video conferencing software and hardware
  • Telepresence within the company
  • Complete application integration
  • Unified messaging systems
  • Instant messaging

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IP telephony

IP telephony uses the internet for the exchange of information that was usually completed through hardware, such as telephone calls, fax and other information exchanges. When you have access to these innovations, you can save money in the long-term, adapt to the fast-paced moving future in technology and compete on a larger scale in the same markets. The IP telephony in the new age can help attract the technologically-inclined employees who can help grow the business and collaborate in pushing the company into the future with conference services and messaging platforms. Managed IT services can assist in finding these employees as well as provide IT support for all applications.

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Collaboration apps

Collaboration apps provide a suite of collaboration tools. Employees use digital note boards that any team member can access from any device. It provides a visual way for teams to collaborate since any team member can instantly see relevant information. They can add comments, attachments and other information more easily than emails or texts. Team members can create a new board for each project and can drag tasks as they are completed. Most tools can even integrate into other apps the team already uses.

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Video conferencing

Video conferencing apps allow video and audio calls as well as recordings for free or at a low cost. This allows partners in different areas of the country or world to freely interact with each other. Most are simple to use and have become increasingly reliable as a viable teleconferencing option.

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Cloud migrations

Cloud migration is the process of moving data and other information to a cloud computing environment. This option allows you to minimize your dependence on paper. Additionally, employees and partners can have access to the same information even if they are in very different locations. A managed IT service provider can provide a collaborative effort to build and support the business. Through cloud migrations, you can build better relationships and communication. Managed IT services can also provide you a way to interact with coworkers, clients, partners and other businesses by improving relationships and integrating through migrating to the business cloud. Through a variety of tools and features with the cloud migrations, you can improve conversations and communicate the way you want to at the times that are most important. This experience can also implement a better standard in data use.

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Data Backup

When you are looking to take advantage of the Internet of Things, you can do so through technology and the support for IT that a managed IT service provider can deliver. A managed IT service provider can provide regular backups of your data that protect it for use by your employees and partners.

Integration of hardware and software increases what you can do while the wireless support increases the range and reach of computing devices. Security is crucial for IT support to protect you and your employees as well as ensure the confidential information in the company remains secure. With IT support, you will receive data backup to protect all data through a redundancy system. You can also visibly see a difference in teamwork with the IT services and employees along with collaboration for all services provided when the important information is safe.

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Converged Computing

One way to improve teamwork for all employees and increase collaboration is through converged computing. This takes platforms, applications and other IT software and collects them into one computing package. You can also grow your business quicker through a customer management system, a specific platform and feature that support the company’s tech integration which can also merge with the converged computing experience. Employees can avoid confusion and mistakes by using these packages and systems, which increases collaboration in the workplace.

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Growing Your Business with Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is an IT framework that increases the scalability of a business and reduces the complexity of integrated data by combining storage, computing and networking into one system. You can build an IT project, seek IT support and manage recruitment through managed IT services in the hyperconvergence platform. You can replace former hardware-defined business models with the virtualization platform.

Growing your business is a task that Splendid Technology would like to help you through collaboration and teamwork. Your key goals are the focus of these interactions. You can achieve the speed and opportunity in the tech world.