For businesses, it’s important to find the right collaboration tool or system for your entire staff. While there are many options to consider, most employees desire a system that integrates instant messaging, web conferencing, video, telephone and email all in one. This is where video conferencing comes in.

Today’s online video conferencing systems can help to integrate all of these communication platforms and provide your company with a competitive advantage. However, if you still aren’t sure that video conferencing is something your company should invest in, keep reading to learn about the benefits it offers.

Reduced cost and travel time

One of the oldest and most recognized benefits offered by video conferencing is the fact that it can help you reduce expenses and travel time. With this system in place, it’s possible for IT personnel, internal teams and managers to solve problems or concerns without having to leave their offices. This, in turn, can help to improve business productivity.

Also, if you offer video capacity for your clients or customers, it can create a competitive offering. Even the hiring process can be less of a hassle because those involved in the interview can all join via the video conferencing system in place.

Optimized attendance

By offering video conferencing services, you can ensure that clients and internal teams located remotely can participate in meetings. Also, since these tools can be recorded, it means that individuals who actually need the data (like for training or staff presentations) can receive the information when it is easiest for them, instead of not attending or delaying the meetings.

Improved communications with structured meetings

Since people will be calling from various locations, defined end and start times are often agreed on before the actual video call. This allows for a more intensive discussion, without as much chit-chat. Also, the participants are much more likely to remain alert and focused on what is being discussed.

Rather than having to deal with frustrating emails where the intent or meaning of the message may be obscured, the participants will be able to see more important visual cues, such as the body-language coming from colleagues, partners or customers. Expressions of understanding, concern or satisfaction are then able to be addressed more easily than trying to correspond from countless emails, voicemails and IMs. Essentially, video conferencing is the absolute closest thing to actually being at the meeting in person.

Increased productivity

Due to improved communications, the participants will be more in sync, and the decisions will be made faster, thus increasing productivity. A recent survey even showed that video conferencing software users believe that the biggest benefit of this technology is the increase in productivity and efficiency it provides. Problems are able to be resolved faster, and the services for clients are developed faster, offering a huge competitive advantage for any company.

Employee retention

The mobility offered by video conferencing on the cloud positively contributes to your employee retention. When people don’t have to travel to meetings, or for other job duties, they can achieve a better life/work balance. This leads to employees being happier in their position and staying with the company longer.

As you can see, video conferencing is a technology that makes sense for virtually any business – regardless of size or industry. It’s a good idea to find the right system, which is possible when you contact us and learn about the solutions we have available.