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9 cool tech gadgets for the cutting-edge business

From improving workplace collaboration to impressing potential clients, there are a lot of cool tech gadgets available that can take your office to the next level. Streamline your workflow and make your business stand out with these 9 cool tech gadgets.
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Everything you need to know about workplace video conferencing

Today's online video conferencing systems can help to integrate all of these communication platforms and provide your company with a competitive advantage. However, if you still aren't sure that video conferencing is something your company should invest in, keep reading to learn about the benefits it offers.
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How to keep your tech healthy (from an IT services provider in DFW)

Technology can make or break your company. If it’s healthy, it will get you far, keep you productive, and help you scale. But how exactly do you keep your technology consistently healthy? Funny that you ask, because we just so happened to create a guide to healthy technology that covers the basics.