There are few things more frustrating or potentially risky in business than a lack of clarity. Suddenly, clear instructions become murky and opaque, a once obvious and well-defined course of action becomes confusing and ambiguous, and no one can agree upon the right way to get back on track.

Of course, what we are really talking about here is communication. Provided that communication is good and clear, and well handled, everything else will follow. When communication goes bad… well… then everything goes bad, from employee morale to productivity.

Research has found that well-informed employees are 77% more likely to be high performers.

This is the ethos and motivation behind unifying communication — behind the tactic of bringing communication elements together and optimizing their function. But what exactly is the benefit of this approach and how does it make communication easier within your business?


Effective support for collaboration

Collaboration should always be the aim of the game when it comes to communication. After all, this is what we are doing when we communicate at work. Whether we are part of a team working toward a set goal with a looming deadline, or if we are simply calling up to ask a quick question to a colleague or partner, we are engaged in the same act of collaboration and our needs should be supported in the same way.

When we bring communication solutions together in one place in this way, we are creating an eco-system that is ready and waiting to provide this support. This means putting video conferencing capabilities, instant messaging, screen sharing, cloud storage, and collab functionality, and more, all within one platform, and making this platform simple and speedy to use for businesses. It is this unified platform that represents true modernization of business communication.


Scalable to meet ongoing demands

Even with the platform set up and in place, the race is not yet run — the job is not yet complete. Businesses, by their very nature, grow and evolve, or at least they should. And communication solutions need to reflect this.

Deploying disparate communication solutions makes such scaling difficult as every solution has its own update and upgrade schedule, and managing these schedules can be a complex task. When the solutions are brought together in one convenient location, such problems are eliminated and the unified set of solutions becomes far easier to manage. As a result, scalability can be achieved more effectively. 


Agile and ready for integration

It is important to make sure that a modernized, unified platform is not a closed system — that it is not sealed and cut-off from potential expansion and integration. On the one hand, closing the system in this way makes it very difficult to scale and to meet the evolving needs of business — as we covered above — while, on the other, it makes it almost impossible for businesses to add additional levels of functionality as and when they arise.

Basically, the modernized, unified communications and collaboration solution you put in place for your business needs to support integration with additional applications and software pieces. This means, when an innovative communication solution is developed, your platform has the agility to support this without delay and without the need for expensive updates.


Personalized to meet unique needs

To learn more about the potential of a unified and modernized communication solution for your business, and to connect with high-quality RingCentral Collab and communication solutions, get in touch with our team today.

Last but certainly not least, your business is unique. This means you do not need a one-size-fits-all communication solution. Instead, the best-unified solutions will be personalized and fully customizable, so you can tailor them with the unique needs of your organization in mind.