Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is growing in popularity. Much like Software as a Service (SaaS), it allows you to grow your IT capabilities without the capital outlay. If you’re considering using HaaS but are still sitting on the fence, you may need to learn more about the benefits.

Smoother cash flow 

When you’re running a business of any size, you’ll know how important it is to manage your cash flow. There may come a time when you need to invest in your IT infrastructure, but your budget isn’t ready for it. Buying hardware outright is expensive, but having this hardware is necessary.

HaaS involves subscribing to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). The MSP will own the hardware, but your business will use it. By choosing HaaS, you can access the IT equipment you need, without having to dive too far into your budget.

Easier IT maintenance

Even if you do have the money to invest in new hardware, you may struggle to maintain it. Maintenance can be costly and difficult to manage when you don’t have your own in-house IT team. Not maintaining your systems isn’t an option either. According to ZD Net, 28% of companies are affected by ransomware. When your hardware isn’t well maintained, you’re more vulnerable to such attacks.

HaaS comes with ongoing maintenance and support. When you’re struggling to maintain your IT infrastructure yourself, having such support is invaluable.

Scaling with ease

As your business grows, you’ll need to invest more in the equipment required to support it. You may also find that there are periods when your business needs more equipment than normal. In either case, you may not want to invest in new hardware, just in case, it becomes redundant.

Using HaaS, you can invest in the hardware your business needs to continue thriving. One example of this is an off-premises service, such as cloud storage. Cloud storage allows you to achieve offsite data backup. Although your data will be in the cloud, the host will remain responsible for the hardware supporting it. Around 90% of organizations use the cloud, which demonstrates how useful HaaS can be.

Tougher security

Cyberthreats are always growing and cybercriminals are constantly at work. To prevent them from wreaking havoc with your business, you need to maximize your security. Using HaaS could help you perform better on that front.

The company that provides your HaaS will constantly maintain and update its hardware. As hardware is at the very heart of its business model, the company has to do this. This means you could achieve tougher security using HaaS than you would by having your own hardware while eliminating many of the maintenance costs in the process.

Staying current

Technology is always changing, and keeping up with these changes can sometimes feel like a headache. When you don’t stay current, some of your systems may slow down. You might also experience more security flaws, especially when your hardware can no longer be updated.

HaaS providers update and maintain their products with expert precision. As a result, you can enjoy the latest advances, without having to fund the upfront costs that come with buying new hardware.

With hardware as a service, you enjoy a wealth of benefits. From staying up to date with the latest technologies to balancing your cash flow, each one can help you grow your business.