Thanks to advances in technology, you can carry out your usual business activities on the move. Although this makes you flexible, you need to do it in a way that keeps your communications safe and secure. Using the RingCentral Office mobile app, doing this is possible. Before you dive in and start using the system, it’s time to learn about the benefits.

Reduce costs with BYOD

When your business needs to save money, implementing a BYOD policy is highly effective. If you install the RingCentral Office mobile app, you no longer need to introduce new devices for each employee because they can use their own.

Using the same type of software across all your employees’ devices brings some uniformity to your daily processes too. Providing you give them the training required to familiarize themselves with the software, everyone at your organization can use the software with ease.

Join in with conferences from anywhere

More than 94% of businesses use video conferencing. Having a reliable app allows you to streamline your video conferencing activities, which then enhances productivity. As the RingCentral Office mobile app allows for video conferencing on Android and Apple devices, it’s easier for your employees to enjoy the benefits of video conferencing.

By using an app that provides an HD video conferencing experience, your business appears more professional. Your video meetings will feel more realistic too, making them more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Send and receive faxes to your phone

Although fax machines aren’t as popular as they once were, many businesses still use them. They allow you to send documents that require signatures rapidly and are often perceived as being more secure than email alone.

If you want to broaden your business prospects, being able to send and receive faxes to your phone and tablet prevents you from missing out on opportunities with organizations that still use fax.

Leverage the benefits of a business number

As any seasoned business owner will tell you, customers and clients love consistency. They perceive uniform approaches to business as an indicator that an organization is reliable. If your employees are all calling clients from different numbers, they may see your business as being messy.

Additionally, those who use caller ID services may not pick up when they see a number they do not recognize. With the RingCentral Office mobile app, you and your employees can make calls while using a central number. As a result, you’ll generate a sense of trust among your clients.

Safeguard client information with ease

According to Forbes Magazine, the average cost of data loss to United States businesses is $7.91 million. Although being able to share client data is necessary for today’s modern business environment, technology usually poses risks. If you’re currently sharing data using channels that don’t maximize security, you could be risking significant costs.

One way to reduce the risk of those costs is by using a system that enhances your data sharing security. The RingCentral Office mobile app allows you to customize and remove user access levels instantly. As a result, you’re in control of who can see various types of information. Being able to customize your employees’ access according to their roles minimizes the potential for data loss and breaches, which could help you avoid a fine in the future.

With the RingCentral Office mobile app, you can alter your business processes for the better. In addition to all the benefits above, your employees can use instant messaging and email. With greater communication prospects, other areas of your business could run more smoothly.